This is a devotional that is not about you. It's about those you will encounter today. It's about the people who need what we have to give. If our personal devotion doesn't produce a public influence, it isn't getting the job done.

Within these pages, you will find instruction for influence, along with many authentic stories – from my life as well as the lives of others. The Bible is sure to give information as well as inspiration, and any book should do the same.

Together, let's build bridges of irresistible influence. The world has a message to preach. The church has a better one. Will we be louder?

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The Public Gospel


Your private devotion must produce a public influence - otherwise it isn't getting the job done. The earth is crying out for something authentic and you are God's delivery system. The goal of hell is to muzzle the church causing her to grow quieter and quieter, eventually rendering her silent. That's a problem in light of the truth that we are called to be loud

The world has a message to preach. The church has a better one. Will you be louder? 

-Evangelist Nick Poe

Nick on the Island of Jamaica

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